Sunday, March 4, 2007

1989 I run for a seat in the upper house.

Yes, I was the first caucasian to run for a seat in the Japanese upper house.
Fortunately I only got 300,000 votes and wasn't elected. For what I see now around the world, I agree with my wife comment.

I did return to my normal music life and since then , stay away from politics.
I was a big step anyway and makes way for future westerners wannabe.
One of the must stupid laws we had in Japan was that children born from a Japanese father got the Japanese citizenship automatically but not at all if the father was a foreigner.
I made a big fuss using newspaper, magazines, radio and TV. It took quite a while but now things are different and children can get the citizenship even if the father is not Japanese.

I spent half of my life in Japan and I suppose the rest of it as well. This country did change me totally. I became something between a westerner and a Asiatic man.
It is true that I did practice martial arts for 30 years (karate, shorinji-kempo) and it probably as to do something with it as well.
Now a day I stick to golf.
The next time I will talk about my life and my work here from the beginning till no
See you next time

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Instead of writing a book I'll write a blog

Well, I have been in the music field for 50 years and play in many countries but mainly in Japan.
In fact I started my musical carrier in France 1961.
I was the lead guitarist of a well know band called "Les Champions" and we even played with Gene Vincent for a month when he performed in Paris and other places.
I decided to leave the group and record solo end of 1963.
My first try was a hit and a big surprise for me. I just turned 20 and I found myself with a hit in 45 countries.
It was a rumba "La Playa
" and I used an acoustic guitar instead of an electric one.
My first encounter with what will become my new country a few years later was in 1967. The people were kind, they did love music (including mine) and the food was great. After my second visit I decided to learn the Japanese language. In 1973 I decided to move from Paris to Tahiti. I lived there 2 years and met my wife in 1975 during another concert tour in Japan. I didn't know that I will fall in love and move from Tahiti to Japan at that time or that I will take the Japanese citizenship a few years later. Many things did happen afterwards. A daughter in 1976 and a son in 1979, TV shows, Radio, Movies and concerts. I was really busy and didn't have time to go to Europe.
My parents came to visit instead and they also loved the country. I took the Japanese citizenship in 1985 and will let you know what I did next.
Till next time then :)